About Me – a Homesick Northerner

Not a professional writer just a slightly homesick Northern bloke in Swindon; not going to blog about Swindon in particular but what comes in to my life – hopefully a glimpse into the soul of stranger might prove thought provoking, or even amusing I don’t know – but thank you for passing by.

My crazy mixed up life includes a German partner who lives 75 miles away, a job in a town I don’t particularly like – though I don’t get to see it much now since I am kind of commuting all my spare hours – a dysfunctional family, though I am beginning to think I am pretty normal when I start comparing them to other people. openly gay and a Christian (of sorts), add to this mix being a trainspotter I guess my life is pretty well, screwed!

Oh I am also a Socialist, and a ‘Left-Winger’ at that; considering that it was the ‘Left Wing’ that gave us the National Health Service, Social Justice, the Welfare State and stopped floggings in Prisions I am really happy to be called Left Wing, so I wear that as badge of honour.

I do have a Twitter account which is badly spelled left-wing soundbites with the occasional moments of lucidness, oh and occasionally pictures ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you want to swing by there it’s โ€ฆ wait for it โ€ฆ SwindonG !

5 comments on “About Me – a Homesick Northerner

    • thank you so much for your comments, I actually think you are the first person to comment on my intro, and I am grateful for you taking the time to read my ramblings.

      I will try and keep my ramblings sane ๐Ÿ™‚

      I have read your blog on Christians and reblogged it a couple of times, it really did strike a chord, I could only reflect that Christians are flawed like everyone are, it’s just most of them can’t admit it.

      thanks for sharing your thoughts

  1. Hi there,

    How great to see a gay Christian blogging from Swindon! You see, despite all that’s bad about the place, I have very, very fond memories of the years I lived there in the 80’s.

    I learned so much about what’s great about being Anglican, and that’s most certainly stuck with me. And thanks to some brave friends, I didn’t so much learn that it’s OK to be gay and Christian, as wonder what was ever wrong with it in the first place. So in time, when I came out myself, it was really the easiest of things – although of course the consequences and costs over the years have been something else! But thanks to that sound start, I’ve always been very, very clear that such problems as there are, are the church’s and not mine. Which has been a lifesaver, in many ways.

    I’ve gone on to work for gay equality – or at least, visibility and a voice – in my own denomination, and although the focus of the struggle has shifted over time, I’m still hanging in.

    Give my love to St Peter’s Penhill, if you’re that way; a good place, with good people, who give unfailingly of the little they have.

    • Hey thanks for your comments, I am not sure what to say that would not devalue your words, save to ask is the Penhill Church a good church?

      I red ‘Whats so Amazing about Grace’ and cried that a Pastor admitted the church was flawed, as we all are.

      Thank you

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