6 comments on “Richard Dawkins scares me

  1. Or consider my post yesterday. http://clareflourish.wordpress.com/2014/06/10/atheists-read-this/

    Well: Evangelicals who deny reality are much stronger in the US. The same people who oppose gay equality claim that the world is <10,000 years old and that strata were formed in the global flood. Dawkins started as an evolutionary biologist, and moved into his anti-theism in reaction to this.

    Did you see any of the videos from the campaign against equal marriage last year? I hate the woman.

    • Yes I did, and I hate that woman too – mainly because she coated her prejudices in faux Christian concern, but she is on a journey as much as I am and she doesn’t represent the love of God, she represents the fractured love of God, as much as I do.

  2. The Bible is in two parts. Jesus came to reinterpret the scriptures, so it seems rather unfair to say that the Bible is the home of intolerance, or the home of a whole new racism. There is stuff there that Jesus disputed, most especially intolerant attitudes. His whole life was dedicated to exposing double standards, cruelty and form for the sake of form. And to demonstrate the primacy of love. We never achieve anything lasting with denial, but if we can find the equivalent in a positive format – in other words, love – we have found the key.

    It all sounds a bit suspiciously like blaming a woman for being raped, or blaming a man for having male sex organs. I used to be an atheist, so I understand the passion behind the arguments. But the fact that they must be constantly repeated, suggests that if the critics were silent for a few hours, they might hear God trying to speak to them. Of course, that they would deny.

      • Certainly their fervour suggests that some atheists feel driven by missionary zeal. But I don’t think we can call militant atheism a religion. 🙂

  3. To those people who worship Richard Dawkins I submit a challenge. My challenge os to prove you’re not religious by providing empirical evidence that Richard Dawkins actually exists.

    Oh, you can?

    Then you are not comparable to religious people. You might be a cult, but you’re not a religion.

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