2 comments on “Kreuzberg, the last bastion of radical change?

  1. Just back from Berlin – again – and whilst I’ve never been massively convinced by Kreuzberg, we do agree on Prenzlauer Berg,

    I spent a fair bit of time there on this occasion – 4 or 5hrs per day roughly – and I was very much left with the notion that a bunch of bad poets, musicians and wannabe hippies were enjoying pretending to be radical revolutionaries whilst the gentrification process ensured the situation stayed safely middle class.

    • hi, thanks for your comments – it really nice to know the blog is read and also to hear other people’s views.

      Not sure which part if Kreuzberg you were in but i wouldn’t call Kottbuser Tor & Marienenplatz gentrified , though a few minutes walk along Bethandam to Michelkirchplatz brings you to a gentrified area which is very middle class.

      Also walking along Kopenicker Straße is not gentrified 😉

      Perhaps one of the main points I was making was it hasn’t become Pranzaulerberg and has character of a left wing nature?

      Anyhow thanks again for the comments,it’s always interesting to hear other people’s experiences

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