2 comments on “Ding Dong the Beeb’s impartiality is dead

  1. I agree with the Beeb. I hear the arguments for playing the song- the chart show is a record of the chart, not an editor’s decision on songs- but this song will provoke an intense emotional reaction of disgust and hurt.

    I am unsure of Thatcher’s legacy. Would there be more mines in Yorkshire now, if she had never been PM, or if she had lost the 1983 election? I don’t think so, actually.

    • Hi

      Probably a few more mines, and a lot more society, but my arguement is the sheer brutality of her policies – it was akin to stories of devastation you hear about in Greece.

      25 years almost to the day the BBC banned a record by Jimmy Sommerville because it dealt with his friends who had AIDS, that was considered tasteless as well

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