3 comments on “The Easter Message

  1. The “Jesus said marriage is man and woman” text is the question on Divorce. Mark 10:1-12. http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Mark%2010&version=NIVUK However, “Whatever God has joined together” could be read precisely the other way: where two gay people are joined together in love, people should not seek to separate them. Jesus certainly did not say “and God only joins a man to a woman”.

    Isaiah 50:6-9 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isaiah%2050&version=NIVUK has been in my mind- his beard was plucked, a treatment designed to break and humiliate, and he is not humiliated simply because he knows he is right. Though others judge and try to break him, his integrity is unimpaired.

    • thanks for the reference – i have learned something.

      The image of being tortured but enduring it because of the truth I extremely powerful and resonates throughout the centuries.

      We can pray that those who still endure that torture today

    • I thought I had replied to this but it looks like I haven’t.

      I think there is a point about Churches accepting Equal Marriage, but that is not the fundamental question, the fundamental question is that Marriage is defined and sanctioned about the State, and is a legal contract and should be open to all.

      It would be nice for the Church to accept and perform Equal Marriages, and a lot would, but not the primary argument.

      You’ve given me something to think about, thank you

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