2 comments on “consequences …

  1. Dear Andy,
    Many thanks for “Consequences”. I printed it our and took it to Quaker Meeting this morning, it fitted the pattern of ministry so I read it out and Friends appreciated it greatly. The general view was that it was important because it “spoke to the conditions” ( as Quakers say) of all involved rather than being partisan.

    I edit the newsletter of Sussex East Area Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and I would very much like to publish a slightly shortened version of it in the March edition if you will allow. I will send you the proposed edited version to vet before publication if you let me have an email address.

    Many thanks again for a really Quakerly post.

    Kind regards

    • Hi

      thanks for your comment, I am moved that it was helpful in your congregations meditations.

      I have no objections at you reproducing an edited version for your newsletter


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