4 comments on “Andrew Mitchell, the arrogance of the Tory Party

    • respect, it all boils down to respect.

      People are losing the ability to act in a civilised manner towards one another, we see rudeness as being ‘funny’ – I don’t we can solve it, it I the natural entropy of a bored and materialistic society.

      The only hope is to change oneself, in my opinion – what do you think ?

      • I think we need a whole new system- one where cheating and bad behaviour is actually punished. One where not only people with no money get punished. As it stands, Andrew Mitchell can give an ‘apology’ while at the same time calling the police officers liars. That’s not a real apology.
        Some of the MP’s who fiddled their accounts just said it was a mistake and carried on. The News of the World people have expensive lawyers and will probably just get a slap on the wrist.
        The bankers who helped tank the economy are still getting bonuses. There are still traders betting on countries to fail and contributing to the destruction of economies in countries like Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal…
        None of our leaders are actually doing anything about it.

      • echoing what you said I think the Government no longer represents the people, they represent business

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