4 comments on “Nick Clegg apologises for lie based on a lie

  1. Rather than being persuaded by force of reason, Theresa May might have just gone with the flow, voted against gay rights as long as a Tory rump would be against gay rights, giving in when across the whole country such attitudes finally were condemned as totally disgusting. The question is, how late did she change her mind?

    Who in the House of Commons is going to vote against equal marriage now, once they finally get round to putting the Bill forward? Peter Bone, perhaps, that horrible woman who campaigns against abortion- oh yes, Nadine Dorries is the name- who else? Who wants to come out as a homophobe, now, when it is finally no longer fashionable? In the Lords, of course, Tebbit will creak into life once again, speaking for the loathesome activists.

    • As I said, for some reason I cannot imagine, I have a soft spot for Theresa! I fairly convinced that Theresa’s sudden conversion has more to do with the Ballot box than social justice, but the Tory right do not agree with equal marriage, therefore I do not see how it will be a ‘vote winner’ – the fact that the vote on the Equal Marriage Act will be a ‘free vote’ is to appease the Tories in the HoC and it will be the support of the Labour Party that will enable it pass. In the House of Lords the rump of the anti-gay vote will be the ‘old Etonians’ who have probably endured public school and all that entails, and also the ‘Lords Spiritual’ who voted against CP. Rowan’s assertion that ‘everyone needs lifelong friends’ when talking about CP and EM and the very public war in the CoE ensures that the 24 Lords Spiritual will probably vote against or abstain – though I have heard the Bishop of Colchester is pro equal rights.

      I have emailed my MP and he is ‘relaxed about the issue’ whatever that means, but there is still significant opposition.

      thanks for the reply, its nice when people take the trouble to respond to something I have written.


    • Wonderful!

      ‘Our Tune’ was the best, though the ‘Auto Tune’ was the funniest, but the subtitled one the most pertinent

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