2 comments on “Anders Breivik, Insane or not?

  1. Yes.

    He is disordered to want to do this, but not delusional. Killing remains an “honourable” and “proper” thing in certain circumstances- anyone who supports the war in Afghanistan supports killing- so he is “sane”.

    And- I hate that photograph. The deliberate rejection of reality repels me.

    • I appreciate it is a provocative photograph, and in using it I had try and think through if it was justified. Whilst appreciating peoples views, and when I saw it ‘live’ at the beginning at the trial, it seemed both utterly absurd and evil at the same time.

      I used it because despite this evil person, Norway remained unprovoked, and as such rendered the gesture futile.

      It may sound a little ‘hairy fairy’ but how the Norwegian Judicial system remained scrupiously fair to Breivik was not only a lesson in democracy, but also an opposite and equal reaction to the pain this man caused.

      Thanks for taking time to write that, I do respect and understand your views

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