4 comments on “With equal rights comes a sense of humour?

  1. But when is the line crossed? The War of the Roses ended five centuries ago. The Sexual Orientation Discrimination regulations only came in in 2006. Yes jokes can be a sign of acceptance as well as of Othering, but- do good humoured jokes give permission for nastier ones?

    • Hi, thanks for your response. I do underrstand the point, and it is valid – what is someone’s ‘sense of humour’ is another person’s bullying, but I always take my cue from Lord Denning, former Master of the Rolls, and ‘Head Judge’ for in the 80’s – his acid test was “what would the average man on the top of the No 11 Clapham Omnibus think. I don’t think the average person would have thought the comments an homophobic attack. In the workplace I take the view if I find something offensive I will tell the person (it hasn’t happened yet). In the office we have a – not sure of the correct term here, so forgive me – a pre-op Transexual and she played along with an April Fool gag of her colleague making insulting remarks about her to wind the management up, it was really funny and she said before the spoof started it was OK, if someone else who was transgender was in the office and found that offensive would it have been still OK? It is a complex issue and I appreciate there is no real answer.

      I think if we can laugh at ourselves then we learn to fit in – my favourite retort is ‘I may be a fairy but I didn’t drop of the top of a Christmas Tree’ 🙂 Thanks for your comments

  2. In a previous office I came across some nasty bullying. The two women managing the office called one of the workers “Dolly” and impugned his masculinity, pretending they were joking. I did not object at the time, and am now ashamed of myself for that. I leave it to you to see how the banter feels, but am frightened that I myself would not be able to deal with it if it crossed the line. So close to the line, I would get worried. This is a personal response.

    • hi

      I can imagine that was a clear case of bullying and totally unjustified – the case of ‘Sam’ was a clear and agreed prank.

      But my original point remains ‘the man on the No 11 Clapham Omnibus’ would, hopefully, be seen as unreasonable

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