6 comments on ““Being Gay is the same as Murder”

  1. interesting.. ive check the link.

    but isn’t it Jesus says

    lust of the flesh is adultery
    hatred is considered murder

    therefore even a lie is murder already or adultery.

    James said if we break one, we break all commands.

    i believe Jesus meant that no sin is lesser or greater than the other.

    so, christians who hates the homosexuals (i know many people who do)
    are murderers

    I generally agree with what you are saying.

    • thanks for your comments, well actually thanks for readingn the blog 🙂

      I was coming from the direction, and I think the bloke who wrote the original article was as well, that if you break point of the law you have broken them all – I am sure it was Jesus who siad it but defer to your research. I was always taught that God does not grade sin like we do, it is just sin. Thinking on what you wrote I remember that Jesus said when questioned what was greatest commandment said if you love God and love your neighbour then that is the entirety of the law.

      • i see your point. perhaps i cannot frame my though well on the subject matter.

        I found the verse
        “For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it”
        – James 2:10

        just being a homosexual, sitting on a chair your entire life doing nothing is the same as the one who is living the life of a homosexual, sleeping with same gender, doing perverse acts, and sexual immorality.

        most of people seem to focused on the manifestation and tries to find a solution on the manifestations of sin rather than the root cause of the works of the sin. yes, churches ends up preaching on morality rather than the gospel.

        yes i totally agree with you. even the two greatest commandment were still God’s ‘demand’, our part to do. we are hopeless, bankrupt and empty.

        if only the true gospel is preached. where God promised ‘I will remember your sins no more’,
        where it is God’s part, supply mode to us. we just receive the supply grace.

        good conversation.. 🙂

      • I find being Gay and a Christian a real challenge because the church tends to condemn, and as I see it we are all on a journey & we don’t need obstacles.

        Hope was given by reading ‘Whats so amazing by grace’ – the church, the people, need to be true to the calling of unconditional love, unfortunately non-believers seem to be better at us than we are.

        The law is death, but Christ is life

  2. Thing about the bible is that there are so many positive lessons to learn but many “Christians” tend to use it as a weapon to support their bitterness and hate. Bigots and homophobes will overlook countless lessons about love, compassion, and being a good neighbor, and will fight to the death over a single verse in Leviticus (for example)… In the end, I think the bible is like a mirror, there to reflect what is a person’s heart, for better or worse.

    • I tend to agree with you, but reading Phillip Yancey’s ‘Whats so Amazing about Grace” really put into perspective that fundamental Christianity is loving people – as imperfectly as we can – in the same measure as God loves us.

      The line raft keeps coming back is “there is nothing you can do to make God love you more, and you can do to make God love you less”

      It’s a pretty immense statement

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