2 comments on “Cameron’s Cross, Crossing the Line

  1. This is not an attack on anything and nothing is being banned

    Quite the reverse, it is preventing the establishment of a right to wear jewellery at work. This right does not, and should not, exist.

    Misrepresenting this as an attack on Christianity just makes Christianity look foolish.

    • thanks for your reply, and I note that the Archbishop of Canterbury supports the proposed ban, saying the that Cross has become jewellary – however I thought I had made that plain in the first paragraph (may have to check that) but the point is that we should not be banning jewellary as a point of personal expression – and who defines what is a symbol and what is decoration? We don’t need laws where crimes don’t exist (I think Jesus said that, well kind of). Personally I am tired of pointless laws restraining by freedom – why shouldn’t we be allowed to wear jewelary?

      again thanks for taking the trouble to comment.

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