3 comments on “Can You Send The Cavalry? (or How I surivived ‘Sung Mass’)

  1. Interesting post.

    Some years ago a friend of mine was going for ordination in the CofE and his priest had said he should experience the breadth of church that is anglicanism. Being of a low church / evangelical persuasion he was sent along to an Anglo-Catholic church for about 3 months (in fact this one http://www.stolave.org.uk/ although this event predates web sites). I was asked to go with him for moral support.

    I didn’t expect to like it at all. At first I had similar misgivings as you had, but after the first week I decided I had liked it enough for it to be worth another go. Eventually I came to understand what it was all about. I’m not sure if you’ve read any Pete Rollins, if not I wholeheartedly recommend his books, especially “How (Not) To Speak of God”, but some of his ideas about worship revolve more around theatre and art than church. In a way I find properly-done high church a slightly different slant on this same expression. However, it’s almost a gold-plated parody of itself, so overwhelmingly “holy” that it is in danger of being trite, but somehow (for me at least) it generally pulls it off and I leave feeling better than I went in.

    Needless to say I went back with my friend time and again. Somehow in those services I found God in a more real way than I was used to and ironically they marked the start of me converting to a less traditional, more “seeking” Christian, a journey which has taken me further from the mainstream, even if my current church is a low / evangelical type.

    BTW welcome to Wiltshire from another exiled northerner (although my exile started age 3 with occasional respite).

    • tanks for your reply, if nothing else I find it a boost to my ego that someone reads these pots and that someone bothers to comment,thank you. I will give it another try, and I do love the liturgy, when I was in Southampton I went to two Anglican Churches, the early morning service was a small traidtional service which I loved, and which I received so much support from when I left to move to Swindon, and I loved the liturgy, the second was evnagelical which was more accressible, but that was part of the problem, it required no effort on my part.

      I think the problem with Christmas Eve I was busy finidng out which page I was on!

      Thanks for the book recommendation, I will get a copy

      peace x

      • Thanks for your reply.

        The whole issue of effort/reward is interesting. In many respects I find an evangelical church harder, mainly because it represents where I came from. So probably not strange then that I do sometimes get a lot out of it.

        Are you familiar with the Emerging/Emergent church “conversation”? If not, and if you’re in the mood for more book recommendations you might like http://www.amazon.co.uk/Generous-Orthodoxy-celebrating-communicate-ebook/dp/B000MAHCKO/

        I would really like to find an emerging type community around here.

        “And also with you…”

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