2 comments on “The Strange Case of Aidan Burley

  1. Wonderful photo Andy, showing the kind of Hooray-Henries the country is being run by. How anybody can vote for people who can look like that I don’t know. Both are insensitive prats and they and the people they associate with have not the slightest contact with, therefore understanding of, the vast majority of people in the the country they govern who depend on work rather than profit for their living. That one of them on this occasion has actually had something slightly bad happen to him is the only newsworthy thing in the whole episode.

    The big bad thing for me is the difference in the way the media and the law treat those who live from profit and those who live from work.

    If you can forgive me for being picky though, it wasn’t Churchill who said “In the name of God go” – it was Leo Amery, and he wasn’t aiming just at Chamberlain, but the whole govt front bench. And that included Churchill, who could have been a special target since he was Navy Minister and the debate was about Britain’s failure to prevent German landings in Norway.

    Thanks for the post – keep it up 🙂

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