2 comments on “Clarkson’s Sight

  1. Another angle on this, of course, is the comparison with the treatment of other ‘jokers’, in the context of the riots this BBC report for example of a 22yo plonker getting 4yrs for setting up a Facebook site that was obviously meant to grab attention by being outrageous and thus show his mates what a ‘character’ he was.

    Also, no matter that this was a joke, as you say Brevik obviously admired and noted what Clarkson had said and what people with normal(ish) mentalities might easily dismiss, those such as Brevik might well take completely differently – and the size of Clarkson’s audience compared with that of the guy in the BBC report make it a lot more likely that he will reach them. Why should we expect higher standards from 22yo working class lads than we evidently do from Clarkson? And, of course, Brevik’s trial, and therefore reminders of the atrocity he committed against Norwegian Labour party members, was on the News the day of Clarkson’s ‘joke’ and had been the day before.

    Also the bloke’s a complete slime-ball. (As I think you imply.)


    • HI

      Thanks for your comments.

      but there is the small matter of ‘freedom of speech and expression’ whcih I might write about when I have calmed down:)

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