2 comments on “Being Berlusconi

  1. I was with you until “I have the utmost respect for the EU”.

    Progressives in the UK are often under the illusion that the EU is a better choice than Westminster. A misguided notion more often born out of distrust of Westminster than a credible understanding of the EU.

    The EU happily ignored the fiddled books that got the poorer members in. How many times were the Irish asked to vote until they came up with the answer that Brussels (+Dublin) wanted? How many economists/bankers will they need to impose as leaders on member countries before you loose your respect?

    Politicians can not be trusted. You either have to get rid of them or watch them very closely. So, reformist or not, this much is evident: Decentralize! No to superstates! Keep politics local!


    • thanks for reading the Blog; I think the point I was trying to get over – and obviously failed – is that as an embryonic institution if has integrated into Europe & forced us to examine or place in the world.

      Politicians do need watching very carefully 🙂

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